WG Meeting - Biophysics of cell and skin structure in wound healing, Ljubljana, Slovenia

This WG Meeting covered Working Group 1 – Biophysics of cell and tissue structure, and Working Group 3 – New methodologies to study mechanobiology of cell and tissues. The meeting focused on coordinate and design the activity between relevant European groups involved in structural analysis of mechano-response cellular machineries to provide the organization of cytoskeleton related and nuclear related proteins and assemblies. The meeting took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia at the Faculty of Medicine.

Common goal was be to study the mechano properties of the nucleoskeleton, cytoskeleton, focal adhesion and extracellular matrix in skin cells from the human and mouse, to use established models of human/mouse wound healing, and to use this information to determine the roles of individual molecular components in responding to mechanical strain and in activating mechano response pathways.

The meeting started with a short introduction of all participants, so to present their work and interest in the wound healing area. This was followed by a round table discussion, to brain storm and structure one or more future projects that we could collaborate on. Finally, a dedicated session explored available funding calls and strategy on how to obtain funding (who leads which call, partners, objectives, etc.), as well as the strategy to make this happen within the COST network.


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