Training School – The Nuclear Lamina and Nuclear Organization, Yearim – Judean Hills, Israel

The School included the following sessions: Nuclear lamina & nuclear dynamics, Structural aspects of the nucleus, Nuclear Mechanics, Laminopathies, DNA repair and lamins, Cytoplasmicnuclear interactions, Intermediate filaments & Nuclear organization, Nuclear periphery & chromatin organization I. The School included a daily poster session in which the speakers and the students could interact. Organizers aimed at attracting students from target countries. This timely topic was boosted forward by the integration of emerging technologies and seminal findings. Organizer´s approach was to organize this international school with the emphasis of bringing together leading scientists from multiple disciplines, which were within the frame of our COST program.

Organizers emphasized a highly novel and emerging concept, which was the inside-out and outside-in crosstalk between cytoskeletal and nucleoskeletal signaling. They believed that the field matured to the point where the crosstalk between different areas of science was essential for generating groundbreaking discoveries. More importantly, it was an important subject for the students to learn from world leaders. As organizers, their task were to facilitate and stimulate a cross-disciplinary discussion focused on structure and function of the cell nucleus. This school was right in the center of our COST program and included the subjects of all 4 workgroups, as they appeared in the proposal. A few of the confirmed speakers were: Roger Kornberg – Nobel Laurent on transcription, world leaders in mechano-biology (David Weitz, Dennis Discher, Jan Lammerding), as well as Rob Singer, Susan Gasser and many more. Students and other participants presented posters and interacted with the invited speakers


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