Final Action Dissemination

Final Action Dissemination invitation to contribute to Special Issue

Organization and Function of Cellular Structural Networks

In case you are interested in participating, please, fill out the Expression of Intent Form, so that we can count your future submission in.

FAD: Reimbursement Instructions:

Publishing process:

Once the authors have submitted the manuscript(s), an evaluation process will take place within the Cells journal. Manuscripts approved for publishing will require an initial payment to Cells, which should be handled on behalf of the author's Home institution. Reimbursement can be claimed later.

Reimbursement process:

The amount of reimbursement fully depends on the number of approved manuscripts. The 10 000 EUR top-up is worth of 10 manuscripts to publish. In case of a higher number of published manuscripts, the resulting reimbursement amount will be proportionately divided between the authors.

Reimbursement step by step:

  • the author of the approved manuscript makes a payment to Cells via Home institution

  • the author sends a copy of the invoice to the Grant Holder Manager after March 30th, 2021

  • when the final number of accepted manuscripts is known, the Grant Holder announces the reimbursement amounts

  • the author's Home institution issues an invoice on the Grant Holder Institution in accordance with the announced amount

  • the Grant Holder Institution reimburses the author


  • each manuscript must properply acknowledge the EuroCellNet COST Action (CA15214) in the Acknowledgement/Funding section

  • each manuscript must be in line with the COST Vademecum requirements (10.3)

  • invoices are required to be uploaded to e-cost by the Grant Holder Manager no later than the end of GP5, April 17th, 2021 (according to COST Vademecum)

  • manuscripts submitted after the 30 March 2021 deadline will not be eligible to apply for the EuroCellNet allowance

For more details please FOLLOW THIS LINK.

Should you have any concerns or questions, feel free to contact:


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