Zalevsky Zeev

Zalevsky Zeev Country: Israel
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Participation in Working Groups

  • WG1 - Biophysics of cell and tissue structure
  • WG3 - New methodologies to study mechanobiology of cells and tissues

Research Interests

My research topics mainly focus on super resolved imaging, remote bio sensing and imaging and nanophotonics. Optics has been used for imaging for thousands of years. It seemed the most natural challenge for me to try to enhance the imaging resolution and to try to bypass the physical limitations set by the law of diffraction. Usage of light for bio-sensing has seemed to me as the natural extension of my initial research direction due to its applicability and its impact of the end user by allowing simple, low cost consumable device for non-invasive biomedical diagnostics. Incorporating nanophotonics and nanotechnology aspects assisted me in reducing the dimensions of my photonic sensors and increasing their sensitivity. In my research I have been able to realize the full life cycle of an invention by starting an idea in the University, proving it, patenting it, commercializing it to a startup company and then maturing it to large strategic partner and making a product out of it that can benefit worldwide the end user. Many of my inventions made through this cycle.

Technologies offered to other EuroCellNet participants

I was one of inventors of the 3D sensing technology of the Kinect (Xbox) gaming module which was commercialize to Apple, My extended depth of focus intra ocular lenses are now penetrating into the market, my photonic remote bio-medical sensing technology was commercialized to a startup company called ContinUse Biometrics and Lenovo is now taking this technology further. This remote bio-sensing technology that I have invented was selected to be one out of 45 greatest Israeli high-tech inventions of all time ( I have matured technologies related to micro-endoscopy. to radiation does reduced CT imagers, to prediction of epilepsy seizure before it occurs, monitoring of Alzheimer degradation, smart clothing for bio-sensing of vital signs, optics based cyber-attack protection module, an in-fiber photonic neural network based computing unit, many ophthalmic devices solving issues of presbyopia, astigmatism and even special spectacles allowing blind people to see via spatial tactile stimulation of their cornea. I have vast experience in developing super resolution concepts for microscopy and for remote imaging. I also have expertise in plasmonics and nano-photonics.

Technologies sought from other EuroCellNet participants

Collaboration in the fields of super-resolving imaging and bio-sensing


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