Wlodarczyk Jakub

Wlodarczyk Jakub Country: Poland
Laboratory webpage
E-mail: j.wlodarczyk@nencki.gov.pl

Participation in Working Groups

  • WG3 - New methodologies to study mechanobiology of cells and tissues

Research Interests

We study structural and functional synaptic modifications regulated by extracellular matrix proteolytic modifiers. In particular, we investigate the role of the extracellular matrix proteins and cell adhesion molecules in synapse formation and stabilization and their influence on postsynaptic receptor composition. We employ imaging based techniques to assess the reorganization of activity patterns accompanied by local volumetric changes at the synapses. Another line of research aims to understand the cooperative involvement of serotonin signaling pathways and extracellular matrix in synaptic plasticity underlying the pathogenesis of stress-related disorders.

Technologies offered to other EuroCellNet participants

Fluorescence confocal microscopy;
Fluorescence lifetime imaging;
FRET based methods;

Mass spectrometry;
Superresolution light microscopy;
Methods for protein-protein interactions study in living cell;

Technologies sought from other EuroCellNet participants

methods that mechanically perturb the cell at the local region


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