Pavle Andjus

Pavle Andjus Country: Serbia
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Participation in Working Groups

  • WG1 - Biophysics of cell and tissue structure
  • WG4 - Mechanobiological principles of rare and common diseases

Research Interests

Cellular markers of neurodegenerative diseases and conditions (ALS, MS, ischemia …). Humoral factors and markers of neuroinflammation. Membrane ion transport processes and their intracellular signalling (Ca2+, H+, Na+, ROS …). The role of extracellular matrix (particularly tenascin C and its fragments) in brain plasticity in health and disease  - whole animal (Enriched environment, behavioral tests, spinal cord lesions) and in vitro (scarring) studies.

Technologies offered to other EuroCellNet participants

  • Confocal microscopy with immunofluorescence
  • Ca2+ imaging,
  • Behavioural setups
  • rodent neural and glial cell cultures,
  • ALS G93A rat model,
  • Tenascin C KO mouse.
  • Muliphoton and non-linear microscopy, AFM - In collaboration with institute of physics (potential participants of the Action).
  • EPR spectroscopy and imaging - in collaboration with Faculty of Physical Chemistry, Univ. of Belgrade (potential WG particiapnts of the Action).
  • MRI (1.5 and 3 T wide bore clinical setups adjusted for small animal imaging)

Technologies sought from other EuroCellNet participants

  • STED,
  • Light sheet microscopy with CLARITY,
  • Freeze-fracture and immuno gold EM
  • 3D culture models
  • AFM rheology and functionalized probes


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  2. Milošević M., Stenovec M., Kreft M., Petrušić V., Stević Z., Trkov S., Andjus P.R.,Zorec R. Immunoglobulins G from patients with sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis affects cytosolic Ca2+ homeostasis in cultured rat astrocytes. Cell Calcium. 54:17-25 (2013)
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    SOD1G93A rat model.” Glia 60:1991-2003 (2012).
  5. Šekeljić V, Andjus PR. Tenascin-C and its functions in neuronal plasticity. Int J Biochem Cell Biol. 44:825-9 (2012)


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