Research Institute on Terrestrial Ecosystems of the Italian National Research Council (IRET-CNR)

Laboratory of dynamics and interactions among soil, organisms, and atmosphere



Sara Di Lonardo

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  • WG3 - New methodologies to study mechanobiology of cells and tissues

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  • Fourier Transform Infrared Imaging (FTIR)

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The Laboratory is equipped to perform a numerous analytical determinations on various matrices to study the chemical, biochemical, molecular, biotechnological, mineralogical and pedological aspects of the soil-organisms-atmosphere system in natural/anthropized environments with particular attention to the interactions that develop among them. In particular, the laboratory instrumentation consists of: Atomic absorption spectrometer 1100 B and AS 800 with graphite oven (Perkin Elmer, UK); NA 1500 Series 2 CHNS analyzer (Carlo Erba, Italy); Elemental analyzer CHNS/O (Thermoquest, Italy); FTIR SpectrumGX spectrometer (Perkin Elmer, UK) with photoacoustic detector and FTIR imaging; Varian UV-Visible Cary 50 Scan Spectrophotometer/Fluorimeter (Agilent Technologies, USA); Pascal 140porosimeter; Carlo Erba Control 2000ws porosimeter; Milestone mls1200 microwave mineralizer; Orion Sa720 pHmeter; GLP32 conductivity meter (Crison, Spain); INVITROGEN Qubit® Fluorimeter; Biometra TGGE Maxi System; Thermalcyclers for 96 tubes of 0.2 ml; Nikon and Officine Galileo optical microscopes; Nikon coolpix 4500 digital camera; Darkroom with TF20M UV rays transilluminator. Moreover, there are also other tools to support analysis/preparation of samples such as analytical balances, ventilated ovens, one muffle furnace, centrifuges with/without thermostats), freeze dryers, vertical and horizontal laminar flow hoods, autoclaves, thermostatic baths, heating plates, dryheaters, ice crushers, vacuum pumps.

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