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FT-IR spectroscopy research group



Mara Grube
Phone: +371 29737872

Involved in

  • WG1 - Biophysics of cell and tissue structure
  • WG2 - Structural analysis of biomolecules involved in mechanobiology

General description research focus

Application of  FTIR spectroscopy for studies of bio-samples, monitoring biotechnological processess, cell metabolic responces to the environment and dtress factors, using quantitative analysis of the cell macromo;ecular components. application of  HTS-XT microplate reader  or diamond anvil cell for FTIR microspectroscopy of very small sample amounts.

Imaging technologies available

  • Fourier Transform Infrared Imaging (FTIR)

Equipment available

FTIR spectroscopy syste : Vertex 70 + HTS-XT + Hyperion 2000; Bruker, Opics Germany

Expertise support provided to users

Interpretation and evaluaion of bio-sample FTIR spectra

assessment and evaluation of cell metabolic responces

quantitative analysis of the cell macromo;ecular composition

application of HTS-XT - high thruohput analysis

rmethod for analysis of very small sample amounts by diamond anvil cell and FTIR microspectroscopy

Research topics directly investigated in research group

FTIR spectroscopy analyses has been used for studies of various bacteria, yests, algae fungi, cancer cells etc., exosomes, DNA and protein confofrmations with acent to the cell metabolic responces to environmental comditions for example aeration,  hypoxia, Zn, Pb, gliphosate based herbicide, drugs, Au and Au-BSA nanoparticles, Search-screening of bacteria-mutants and algae posessing the overproduction of specific fatty acids or PHB or other bio-polymers

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