Mahmood R Amiry-Moghaddam

Molecular Neuroscience


University of Oslo, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Laboratory of Molecular Neuroscience
N-0317 Oslo

Phone: +4791742177



Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam
Phone: +4791742177

Involved in

  • WG1 - Biophysics of cell and tissue structure
  • WG4 - Mechanobiological principles of rare and common diseases

General description research focus

The Laboratory for Molecular Neuroscience investigates molecular mechanisms involved in physiological processes such as cell volume regulation, gliovascular signaling, maintenance of the blood-brain-barrier integrity and role of the brain extracellular matrix in normal brain function. The laboratory aims at using the knowledge from the physiology to unravel the molecular basis for cell death and edema development in stroke and other neurological conditions and explore the pathophysiology of temporal lobe epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, and other neurodegenerative disorders.

Long term goals are to identify new mechanisms of disease and new molecular targets for neurological diseases.

Imaging technologies available

  • Multiphoton Microscopy Systems
  • Electron Microscopy

Equipment available

The facility has two Transmission Electron Microscopes: Tecnai G2 Spirit BioTwin and Tecnai 12 BioTwin (upgraded to G2) from FEI Company, both with fully motorized computer controlled stage. Both Electron Microscopes are equipped with the side mounted Veleta 2kX2k CCD camera. The camera has iTEM software from Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions for acquiring digital images.

Expertise support provided to users

Sample preparation for post-embedding electron microscopy, Immunogold electron microscopy and quantitative analysis

Research topics directly investigated in research group

Electron microscopic localization of membrane proteins, intracellular proteins and amino acids,

Access rules research groups

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