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Ege Biomaterials and 3D Biointerphases Laboratory


35100 Izmir




Aylin Sendemir-Urkmez

Involved in

  • WG3 - New methodologies to study mechanobiology of cells and tissues
  • WG4 - Mechanobiological principles of rare and common diseases

General description research focus

Our group's research interests include interactions of animal cells with biomaterials, tissue engineering, stem cells, cancer stem cells, mechano-transduction and biocompatibility testing. We are particularly interested in development of experimental tissue engineered in vitro models for identification of new therapeutic targets in neurodegenerative diseases, pre-clinical cancer treatment studies, investigation of angiogenesis pathways of the tumors, testing of new chemo/radio treatment strategies and use of nano-technologic approaches in a fast and dependable fashion.

Our methods include different 3D culture techniques to evaluate in vitro cell behaviour. We produce, characterize and utilize various scaffolds such as bacterial cellulose and chitosan, functionalize them, and use mechanical and magnetic stimulation as well as hypoxia in order to mimic the natural niche for healthy and diseased tissues.

Imaging technologies available

  • μCT
  • Live cell imaging
  • Atomic Force Microscopy/Scanning Probe Microscopy (AFM/SPM)

Equipment available

Scanco Medical μ50 Micro-CT

Bruker Dimension Edge with ScanAsyst AFM/SPM

Leica Inverted Fuorescence Microscope

Expertise support provided to users

3D tissue and disease model

3D Bioprinting

3D Tissue scaffold production


Cytotoxicity and Genotoxicity Testing

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