Medzinárodné laserové centrum

Oddelenie Biofotoniky


Ilkovičova 3
84104 Bratislava




Alzbeta Marcek Chorvatova

Involved in

  • WG1 - Biophysics of cell and tissue structure
  • WG3 - New methodologies to study mechanobiology of cells and tissues

General description research focus

Research and develompent of the techniquues of laser microscopy and spectroscopy in biomedicine and nanosciences, nonlinear multi-photon and classical confocal microscopy, time-resolved fluorescence imaging, scanning-probe microscopy. 

Analysis of living cells at nanoscale level using latest biophotonic methods. Our aim is to search for best approaches to comprehend functioning of living cells applying advanced microscopy, electrophysiology and nanosecond lifetime spectroscopy techniques. 

Modeling, simulation and visualization of complex structures and interactions in living species on cellular and tissue level; application of high performance computing system for processing and analysis of experimental microscopic and spectral data with special interest on confocal microscopy techniques with spectral resolution and spectrally resolved lifetime techniques; 3D laser scanning and laser stereo-lithography.

Imaging technologies available

  • Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy (LSM / CLSM)
  • Multiphoton Microscopy Systems
  • Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM)
  • Raman Spectroscopy
  • Non Linear Microscopy Techniques (e.g. CARS, SHG, THG, SRS)
  • Live cell imaging

Equipment available

spectrally-resolved confocal microscopy, Zeiss Meta, Germany

fluorescence lifetime imaging and spectroscopy by time-correlated single photon counting, Becker and Hickl, Germany

Expertise support provided to users

protocol preparation for microscopy recordings,

advanced image analysis (linear spectral unmixing, individual component analysis), 

Research topics directly investigated in research group

cell physiology: mitochondrial modification in cardiac, cancer cells, as well as in algae

3D cultures in cancer research

microprinting at microscale level: functionalisation of polymer structures and surfaces for interation with living cells

Access rules research groups

no written access rules, individual agreements


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